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High Pressure Washing

High-pressure nozzles (Standard nozzles): Usually high pressure washing refers to flat fan nozzles manufactured in hardened stainless steel operating at pressures between 20 bar and going up to around 200 bar. For spray nozzles this only really refers to the 1/4 meg type (although also available in nozzle tips and 1/8″ fittings). Commonly referred to by their USG flow rates and known as 1502, 1503, 1504 and so forth. High Pressure Nozzles (Steel industry): The steel industry uses a different type of nozzle also operated at high pressures of 100 – 200 bar and these are used in the descaling process. High Pressure Tank Cleaning Heads: The third category for high pressure cleaning is the tank cleaning sector and the motor-drive type tank cleaning wash heads that operate at much higher pressures than the standard tank cleaning range. High Pressure accessories: PNR can also supply high pressure wash guns and lances to go with high pressure spray nozzles.