Paper Mill Nozzles

PNR Paper mill spray nozzles for paper production. Flat fan and pencil or straight jet nozzles in short body disc and coin designs.

PNR’s spray nozzles for the paper industry have been engineered for specific aspects of paper production. Our nozzle range includes; flat fan coin and disc nozzles, highly accurate straight jets (also referred to as pencil jet & needle jets) and also paper web trimmer nozzles.

GC series flat fan coin spray nozzles for self-cleaning spray pipes and showers. PNR UK Ltd spray nozzles.

The PNR GC series (coin nozzles) are our range of flat fan nozzles for the paper mill / paper production industry. GC nozzles are flush mounted and produce a very effective, sharp and accurate flat jet of water. Engineered with a round orifice they are also less susceptible to clogging.  They can be fitted to a spray bar arrangement in shower pipes. These spray bars use an internal rotating steel brush for internal cleaning and easy flushing. Spray angles available are 45°, 60°, 65° and 80°. Please click here for datasheets.

PNR paper mill nozzles. Off-set spray angle set-up configuration on shower pipe. PNR shower pipe spray nozzles illustration with off-set spray patterns. Self Cleaning spray bar. PNR shower pipe showing self-cleaning system inside.
GDA needle jet spray nozzles. Also known as pencil jets or straight jets. PNR spray nozzles & spray fittings. Needle jet spray nozzle - PNR photograph of spray pattern of a straight jet.

PNR GDA nozzles are a classic design of needle jet (pencil jet /straight jet or 0°) nozzles that produce an accurate solid stream of water (see image with black background). They are easy to clean and and clog resistant. Used in the paper industry for high pressure cleaning and washing of felt, but also used in other industrial processes. There is a ruby insert version for operating pressures up to 200 bar ensuring a long service life and a high resistance to wearing.

These nozzles can be fitted inside shower pipes with a rotating brush for cleaning the nozzles – as illustrated in the images for the GC coin nozzles.

Please click here for datasheets.

GMA needle jet paper web trimming nozzles. Web trimmers for the paper industry. PNR paper mill nozzles.

PNR GMA web trimmer nozzles: For precise and accurate paper web cutting. Engineered with  a high quality ruby tip they produce a solid straight jet resulting in a sharp, clean cut.  The nozzles come with a 150 mesh filter to avoid clogging issues and the ruby tip assures a long service life.

FAA & FBA straight jet spray nozzles. Also referred to as pencil jets. Paper mill nozzles, paper mill production.

FAA / FBA HIGH PRESSURE straight jet nozzles: These are pencil jet / straight jet or zero degree spray nozzles that follow our flat fan range of high pressure nozzles (our F series range featured in the flat fan section of this website). Engineered in hardened 416 stainless steel for longevity and resistance to wear F series nozzles can be operated from between 20  to 200 bar pressure. Available in 1/8″ &  1/4″ threads and also known by their USG per minute codes such as 1501 / 1502 / 1503 and so forth. Please click here for datasheet.

The PNR GF flat fan seldfcleaning spray nozzles for the production of paper in paper mill plants. GF straight jet nozzle spray pattern and configuration - drawing.

GF series self-cleaning nozzle: This nozzle features a built in self-cleaning system. Should the outlet orifice become clogged the nozzle can be flushed through without removal of the components. The nozzle inlet orifice ( a 4.5mm diameter tube) is housed centrally in a flexible diaphragm. Under normal working pressure the diaphragm closes the inlet orifice against an anvil on the front of the nozzle and produces the desired spray pattern and flow rate. If clogging should occur the liquid pressure is momentarily reduced causing the diaphragm to return to the ‘relaxed’ position and in turn opens the exit orifice to allow any clogging particles to pass through. Once clear normal operation resumes.

PNR GE disc spray nozzles used in the production of paper in paper mill plants. Flat fan and straight or pencil jets.

PNR’s GE series disc nozzles are available as flat fan pattern and also straight jet. These nozzles are often referred to as disc nozzles. The nozzle is only 1.2mm thick and commonly used in shower pipes within the paper production industry. The shower pipes (illustrated in the diagrams above) have a steel brush inside which can be automatically or manually rotated for internal cleaning. Flat fan GE series nozzles come in 60° (GEQ) and 75° (GES). Zero degree / pencil jets or  0° (are the PNR GEA code). Please click here for datasheet.