Swivel Joints

ZRA, ZRB, ZRC threaded and weld-on swivel joints and flanged swivel joints designs for use with spray nozzles from PNR UK Ltd. In brass and stainless steel.

PNR adjustable swivel joints are an excellent tool to diversity the use of spray nozzles and to enable the spray pattern to be directed towards the application in-hand. These devices offer versatility and adjustment to many spray nozzle applications. The spray nozzle or eductor fits in to the end of the swivel joint and the swivel joint is fitted to the pipe work. There are various thread sizes, lengths of swivel joints and metals to choose from.

PNR ZRA style metal swivel joints for spray nozzles.

ZRA/ZRB/ZRC swivel joints: These joints are available with the following inlet connections (inlet being the part that fits to the pipework); male thread connections (ZRA), female thread connections (ZRB) and weld-on connections (ZRC). The outlet connections are all female to take a male threaded nozzle or a threaded nipple. The direction of the swivel can be easily adjusted by loosening or tightening the hexagonal nut. Available in 303 stainless steel / 316 stainless steel and brass. Maximum working pressure of 21 bar.

PNR ZRP metal swivel joint, flanged design for spray nozzles.

ZRP Triangle swivel joints: ZRP triangular flanged swivel joints are a shorter design and are ideal for processes where space is limited. These adjustable swivel joints are also fairly robust and easy to fit. They offer versatility and are widely used in all sorts of industrial applications. There is a good choice of inlet and outlet thread connections to adapt a whole cross section of our spray nozzle range. Available in 303 stainless steel / 316 stainless steel and also in brass. Maximum working pressure of 15 bar.

PNR ZRQ large capacity swivel joint in brass and stainless steel.

ZRQ large capacity swivel joints: The PNR ZRQ series are suitable for our larger capacity spray nozzles and eductors. This adjustable range of swivel joints is available with inlet (pipe connection end) of thread sizes from 1″ through to 2 1/2″ and with outlets sizes to match. Available in 303 stainless steel / 316 stainless steel and also brass. Maximum working pressure 9 bar.