Water Filter Nozzles

Monolithic floor cut-through diagram. Water filter or filtration nozzles for water treatment plants. PNR & Ilmap

A comprehensive knowledge base and experience of nozzle application in a wide range of fields has resulted in extensive choice of differentiating nozzles and accessories. We can offer expert advice in designing, sizing and selecting the ideal drainage and distribution systems of pressure filters and gravity filters, using various filtering materials, from sand to ion exchange resins.

Water filter nozzles for water treatment systems. Sand, gravity, pool and floor filters.

Nozzles can be produced in an infinite combination of stem lengths, stem diameter, thread, air holes air slots and strainer slotted widths due to a flexible system of moulds. Nozzles are normally produced in PP (Polypropylene) but can also be produced in PPFV (Polypropylene 30% fibre glass, PPTB (Polypropylene with 40% mineral (talk)), PVDF (Polyvinylidene Flouride), ABS (Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) and AISI 316L (Austenitic Stainless Steel).

Water filter nozzles, concrete sleeves & anchors. PNR UK Ltd

Gravity Filter Nozzles & Accessories

PNR can offer offer a full range of sand filter / gravity filter nozzles for water treatment plants, swimming pool filter systems, steel works and for potable water. We offer a choice of Nozzle types  | Slot sizes | Thread stem bore | Stem length | Fitting accessories.

Water filter bed nozzles for sand filters, monolithic floors, swimming pool filter spray nozzles.