Clamps & Fittings

PNR pipe clamps, assembly fittings, weld-on nipples, threaded nipples and fittings.

Whether you are buying threaded spray nozzles, spray nozzle tips or our pre-treatment spray nozzle spheres, all of these require fittings for the specific application in hand. PNR has an extensive range of threaded and welded nipples and caps for nozzle tips as well as a vast selection of clamp systems for pipework and spray bars of various dimensions. There are generally several ways to fix your spray nozzles to the spray bar, it all depends on the application type, available space, budget, time available, maintenance schedules and personal preference.

PNR ZPB fixed plastic pipe clamp with spigot, seal and screw. Nozzle holder for spray bars and pipes.

ZPB plastic pipe clamps: These are ideal for fixing most of the PNR spray nozzle tips or any of our 3/8″ female thread nozzles. Nozzle tips such as the PNR GX, BX or KX nozzles are held in place with a simple 3/8″ cap whereas the 3/8″ female nozzles (such as the AH) simply screw straight on. Clamps are available for 1/2″ OD pipe (ZPB-0050-D6) | 3/4″ OD pipe (ZPB-0075-D6) and also 1″ OD pipe (ZPB-0100-D6). A spigot to the rear of the clamp locates the clamp to the pipe and an ‘O’ ring created a water-tight seal. The body is made from polypropylene and the bolts are in 316 stainless steel. Max pressure 8 bar.

PNR ZPM type fixed nozzle pipe clamp. Metal clamp with female thread for fixing male threaded spray nozzles. PNR ZPM type fixed nozzle pipe clamp. Metal clamp with male thread for fixing female threaded spray nozzles.

ZPM metal pipe clamps: These metal clamps offer a similar solution to our plastic ZPB clamps. However, they are more robust, stronger and are available for a wider number of pipe sizes of 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 11/4″, 11/2″, 2″ and 21/2″.  The female nipple is available in 1/8″ | 1/4″ | 3/8″ &  1/2″   so many of our spray nozzles can be adapted to this clamp system. A spigot to the rear locates the clamp to the pipe and a rubber seal creates a water-tight seal. Max Pressure 17 bar. Various metal options available.


There is also a male version in a 3/8″ fitting only. Like the 3/8″ nipple of the ZPB clamps this will take our nozzle tips or the 3/8″ female nozzles.

PNR ZPC spray nozzle pipe clamps/holders for spray nozzle tips. Great for offset spray angles.

ZPC plastic bayonet pipe clamps:  This is another diverse and inexpensive way of fixing PNR flanged nozzle tips (such as the GX range) to a pipe assembly or manifold system. As with the ZPM & ZPB clamps a small hole is drilled in the pipe and the spigot to the rear of the clamp locates the clamp and creates the connection. This clamp has a unique feature; the flat fan orientation has an offset angle of 10° from the main manifold axis to avoid jets overlapping. The cap is also a quick-fit design for easy maintenance and for cleaning. The clamp body is in PVDF while screws and bolts are in 316 stainless steel. Suitable for high temperatures. Max pressure 8 bar. Fits 1/2″ and 3/4″ pipes.

PNR ZPH flat fan spray pattern disc nozzle clamp. Paper mill brush cleaning nozzle and pipe clamp holder.

ZPH pipe clamps: Specifically designed to install the PNR GE series style flat fan and straight jet disc nozzles to your spray bar. They are easy to fit – you just need a 19 mm diameter hole on the pipe – you then insert the clamp spigot into
this and secure it in place with the screws. This style clamp is designed, which allows to position the disc nozzles with a 5° offset angle to make sure the flat fan pattern is in the correct orientation and prevents spray jets
interfering with each other. Often used to fix nozzles in place that are cleaning steel brushes in the paper production process. Available to fit 11/2″ OD pipe. Max temperature 80° C | Max Pressure 7 bar | Material: Polypropylene.

PNR ZP pipe clamps. Single spring clip, double spring clip, quick release, fixed clamps for pre-treatment, dust suppression and more.

ZPL / ZPN / ZPQ clamps/eyelets: These PNR pipe clamps are more commonly used for fixing spray nozzles, threaded spheres (to take threaded spray nozzles) and integrated sphere nozzles to pipework in the pre-treatment & surface finishing industries. However, this range is quite diverse and can be used for countless of other applications and processes. They generally fit 1″ / 1 1/4″ / 1 1/2″ and some 2″ pipes by fixing with our spring clip design, bolted version or quick release option.

PNR VAA-0380-B1 retaining cap or lock-nut (locknut). For fixing spray nozzles to PNR nipples and bodies ZAA / ZAC / ZLA and ZPB clamps.

VAA locknut: This is a universal nut that secures our spray nozzles to many of the PNR range of  nipples such as; the ZAA/ZAB weld nipples, ZAC dovetail weld nipples, ZLA/ZLC standard threaded nipples and also the nipple on our ZPB nozzle pipe clamps.

PNR ZAA / ZAB weld-on nipple for spray nozzle tips. Fits VAA retaining cap and GX tip nozzles.

ZAA/ZAB weld-on nipples: These are the standard welding nipples that allow the assembly of the GX, BX or KX series of spray nozzle tips to pipework and spray manifolds. The nozzle tip is held in place with the PNR VAA locknut or retaining cap. The ZAA model is our standard model with a flat welding surface. This comes in a 3/8″ thread or a 3/4 thread. The ZAB has a curved welding surface that fits the pipe diameter and comes in a 3/8 male thread to accept the VAA retaining cap. This system also works well with our range of nozzle filters such as the VEA,VEC or VED flanged filters.

PNR ZAC welding / weld-on dovetail fit nipples for PNR spray nozzle tips. Fits with VAA retaining cap and GY nozzle tips.

ZAC DOVETAIL weld-on nipples:  This range of weld-on nipples are manufactured with a dovetail fitting to match the PNR GY type of dovetail nozzle tips. This ensures that the nozzle spray pattern is fixed the exact position required. Once again the nozzle tip is held in place with the VAA retaining cap or locknut.  Available in male thread sizes of 3/8″, 3/4″, 11/4″.

PNR ZLA threaded nipple for spray nozzles and nozzle tips. Fits with PNR VAA retaining caps and mesh filters.

ZLA threaded nipples:  These nipples can be screwed directly into a threaded socket on your pipework. They are available in 1/4″ / 3/8″ and 3/4″ threads. The flanged end accepts our nozzle tips in the GX, BX or KX range. The nozzle tip is held in place with VAA retaining locknut. This system also works well with our range of nozzle filters such as the VEA,VEC or VED flanged filters.