Fixed Tank Clean Nozzles

Fixed tank cleaning heads are a classic design and the most basic of the tank cleaning wash nozzles for cleaning in place (CIP). They are used in many different industries but are fairly popular with microbreweries and dairy plants, but are by no means restricted to these industries and have uses in many other processes. There are no moving parts with these units and they are fixed via a thread connection or a clip connection.

CIP / Cleaning in place tank cleaning options.

PNR can offer fixed tank cleaning heads in spray patterns of 360°, 180° down, 180° up, 270° down and 270° degree up depending on the user requirements. Cleaning might only be required below or above a soil line or a vessel might have an open top and therefore a 270° or 180° down will suffice. Available flow rates and pressures and the substance being cleaned will also play a part in the suitability of the spray pattern needed.

UAA fixed CIP (cleaning in place) tank cleaning nozzles / wash heads / spray balls. Threaded or clip version available.

The UAA fixed spray heads are mostly for simple rinsing of vessels and tanks. The simple design allows for the heads to be cleaned easily. These tank cleaning devices use relatively high flow rates are fully operational at low pressures (around 1 bar minimum). PNR UAA tank cleaning heads are not high impact spray balls but where they do provide a satisfactory cleaning result the simple design assures a low investment cost and maximum reliability. Connections available in thread or clip-on fit. Click here for datasheets 

UAB threaded fixed CIP spray ball tank cleaning. PNR UK Ltd

PNR UAB fixed cleaning heads are very compact and good for applications such as pipe and duct cleaning and where tight spaces or small vessels need cleaning. As they are machined from thick rods of stainless steel the wall thickness can withstand quite high pressures. Available with a 1/2″ female thread and with 240° spray coverage.