Generally most spray nozzle designs can be categorised into three overall types which include flat fan, full cone and hollow cone nozzles. Any engineer responsible for choosing a nozzle for a particular application needs to be familiar with these factors, when selecting the appropriate nozzle for their specific application concerned. If in doubt though, please feel free to contact us for assistance and we shall be happy to assist you.

Industrial Spray Nozzle Types

PNR offer a comprehensive array of nozzle types which include general purpose industrial spray nozzles, steel work nozzles, atomiser nozzles (fogging/fine mist), spray drying nozzles, paper mill nozzles and also fire fighting nozzles.

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Pre-treatment Nozzles

Developed for industrial surface finishing (for treating metals and plastics prior to the paint shop), this interchangeable and diverse range of spray nozzles, clamp assemblies and pipe fittings are also used in other applications such as dust suppression.

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