Swivel Nozzles

Pre-treatment swivel nozzles and quick release tips for surface finishing paint plants. PNR UK Ltd.

PNR’s pioneering range of pretreatment spray nozzles are primarily designed around the sphere / ball design offering solutions for quick and easy maintenance and flexibility in direction of spray. These all fit inside our extensive range of clamps systems held in place with our universal VAB cap. There are two exceptions to the sphere nozzles; our quick release flat fan tip and quick release spoon / high impact nozzle. The sphere nozzles are either integrated with the ball or a ZBA ball with either a female thread or quick release connection will accept our other standard nozzle range. Although extensively used in the surface finishing industries these nozzles can be adapted to other cleaning / washing applications, dust suppression systems and more.

Swivel nozzles, PNR HGQ-2155-D6, HGQ, HGU, pre-treatment flat fan spray nozzles in 60 degree and 90 degree angles.

HG SWIVEL/SPHERES – ALL-IN-ONE: PNR’s range of all-in-one nozzle and sphere are one of our most popular pretreatment products. HGQ/HGU/RGN spheres are housed in the dish part of all of our ZP series clamps being universal to our whole range. The sphere and dish part of our clamps means that there is a small degree of directional movement and therefore allows the user to position the nozzle’s spray pattern in the desired direction, it is fixed in position by the universal retaining cap. HGQ nozzles are available in 60° and 90° spray patterns and in various flow rates to suit your application.

ZBA_threaded swivel nozzles or spheres for spray nozzles from PNR. Part of the pre-treatment range.

ZBA SWIVEL/SPHERES – THREADED: : PNR’s ZBA spheres work in exactly the same way as the HGQ nozzles described above. They differ in their flexibility to use the rest of our spray nozzle range. Female threaded balls allow for the use of our full range of flat fan, full cone and hollow cone spray nozzles. This extends the spray angle and flow rates available to the application and also allows for a wider use of what these products can be used for outside of pretreatment and surface finishing.

Quick release flat fan tips for pre-treatment plants. PNR HTQ, KSQ and ZBA ball spheres.

ZBA SWIVEL/SPHERES – QUICK RELEASE: This range of spheres allows the use of our quick release flat fan tips and high impact spoon jet nozzles. Quick release nozzles are preferred in some plants for quick maintenance.