Descaling Nozzles / Roll cooling

Descaling spray nozzles are an important component in the final production stages of steel processing. This is also an area of continued development and the range of descaling nozzles has increased to meet this evolution. The initial basic style of hardened stainless steel descaling nozzle has moved on to dovetail designs and to self-aligning nozzles with tungsten carbide inserts and increased operating pressures to meet the latest demands required in the ever-developing steel industries.

PNR descaling spray nozzle tips for the steel production industry.

Descaling Nozzle Tips: PNR high pressure descaling tips are produced in a wide range of flow rates and narrow spray angles to meet the criteria of a modern descaling plant. Today’s descaling nozzles are supplied in tip form as this allows for easy maintenance and offers a more versatile range. The tip can be made with small dimensions to fit awkward and restricted areas to larger tips relative to larger flow rates for the descaling of slabs and large profiles.

PNR ZBC / ZBD / ZBB welding nipples to hold spray nozzle descaling tips. For steel production applications.

The nipples and housings for the tips are available in an array of diameters and lengths. This is to suit the variation of tip sizes but also to allow the the descaling nozzle assembly to be incorporated into the spray header designs so that the nozzle tip will be at the correct location in terms of spray distance and pitch selection.

PNR steel work industrial nozzle accessories. Flow stabilizers, lock nuts, gasket.

For securing the descaling nozzle tips into the various housings PNR offers a selection of securing nut designs – some with front access for area where they are difficult to get to.  PNR also has a host of integral filters and flow straighteners to ensure an overall efficient and clean operating spray system.