Automatic Atomiser Nozzles

PNR air-assisted automatic atomiser spray nozzle

PNR automatic atomiser bodies have a built in pneumatic cylinder to control the spray.  The airline controls the needle by opening and closing the atomiser and avoiding dripping when it is closed. We offer a larger body and a mini body in this design. The liquid and air tip configurations work the same as for the classis/basic range.

Internal & external atomiser tips for automatic atomisers

Air and liquid mixes in the air and liquid cap set-up creating a fine mist spray. Air and liquid tips come in either internal or external mix configurations (see diagram). This configuration results in flat fan & full cone spray patterns and is available for liquid pressure feed systems or gravity/suction feed systems if required.

PNR automatic atomisers. Air and liquid tip options.

ATOMISER SET-UPS: PNR atomiser (English spelling) or atomizer (USA) set-ups consist of an air nozzle and a liquid nozzle combination. The two nozzle tips (or caps) are matched to achieve the desired flow rate, type of jet and spray angle. These set-ups work with our classic atomiser bodies and also the automatic atomiser bodies. Atomiser bodies consist of an air-in port and a liquid-in port, the air and liquid then mix inside

Air assisted automatic atomiser nozzle - standard body design by PNR

STANDARD AUTOMATIC ATOMISERS (MX): Designed so that atomised spray can be turned ON and OFF at extremely rapid speeds. Possible by the addition of a second air-port which when primed retracts an internal shut-off needle which allows primed air and liquid to rush through the atomiser creating the spray pattern. This needle when in the OFF position also acts an none drip device. Automatic atomisers are very well suited to process lines and alike; where sprays are only needed as product passes by. The MX automatic atomisers are compatible with the PNR ¼” set-up codes (The air & liquid cap configurations).

Air assisted automatic atomiser nozzle - mini or small body design

MINI AUTOMATIC ATOMISERS (MX-MINI): This benefits from all the aspects of the standard automatic atomiser but comes in a smaller body design. This can be advantages where space on machinery is limited.  The MX automatic atomisers are compatible with the PNR ¼” set-up codes (The air & liquid cap configurations).

PNR UK Ltd pressure tanks for use where there is no pressurised liquid supply.

PNR’s stainless steel pressure tanks come in a 19 litre option (part number UMR-C190-B2) and a 9 litre option (part number UMR-C090-B2). Pressure tanks or pressure vessels work well with our automatic air-assisted atomiser nozzles. Ideal where a pressurised liquid supply is not available on site. The vessels are pressurised using a compressed air supply which then provides liquid pressure to the liquid inlet of the atomiser.