Safety Showers

Drench showers / Safety Showers or Emergency safety showers by HAWS and AXION. Vertical / ceiling mounted, vertical / wall mounted with pull chain. Also available in frost proof design. PNR UK Ltd

PNR offers a range of emergency safety showers or emergency drench showers as they are also referred to. This range includes a free-standing unit and then various designs of vertically (ceiling mounted) or horizontally (wall mounted) safety showers with pull chains. Variations include fittings in stainless steel or ABS plastic. Spare parts are available for all of these as well as further models.

8100 Axion / HAWS basic model, free-standing, emergency safety / drench shower. PNR UK Ltd

8100 AXION DRENCH SHOWER / SAFETY SHOWER: HAWS | Floor mounted | Floor flange (SP75) | Valve assembly (SP260) | Stripe tape (SP185) | Shower sign (SP177) | Pull rod (SP200) | Test tag (SP170) | Axion shower head (SP829). Please click here for datasheet.

8122H Axion / Haws emergency or drench shower, horizontal fitting. PNR UK Ltd

8122H AXION DRENCH SHOWER / SAFETY SHOWER: 8122H AXION SAFETY SHOWER: HAWS | Horizontal fixed | AXION MSR™ Axion shower head (SP829) | Valve assembly (SP260) | Shower sign (SP177) | Pull rod (SP200) | Test tag (SP170).  Please click here for datasheets.

8133H Axion / HAWS emergency drench shower. Horizontal mount shower only. From PNR UK Ltd

8133H AXION DRENCH SHOWER / SAFETY SHOWER: HAWS | horizontally fixed | AXION MSR™ Stainless steel shower head (SP829SS) | Stay open stainless steel valve (SP265) | Universal Emergency shower sign (SP177) | Stainless steel push rod (SP200) | Test tag (SP170). Please click here for datasheets.

8122V Axion / Haws vertical design emergency drench / safety shower with pull handle. Sold through PNR UK Ltd

8122V AXION SAFETY SHOWER / DRENCH SHOWER: HAWS | Vertical installation | AXION MSR™ ABS plastic shower head (SP829) | Valve Assembly stay open made from brass (SP261) | Universal Emergency shower sign (SP177) | Stainless steel push rod (SP200) | Test tag (SP170). Please click here for datasheets.

8133V Axion / Haws vertically mounted stainless steel safety drench shower with pull chain. From PNR UK Ltd

8133V AXION DRENCH SHOWER: HAWS | Vertical wall installation | AXION MSR™ stainless steel shower head (SP829 SS) | Stay open valve stainless steel (SP266) | Universal Emergency shower sign (SP177) | Stainless steel push rod (SP200) | Test tag (SP170). Please click here for datasheets.

8111FP Axion / Haws freeze proof / frost resistant safety emergency drench shower. Horizontal mount. PNR UK Ltd.

8111FP AXION FREEZE-RESISTANT DRENCH SHOWER | HAWS Horizontal wall installation | AXION MSR™ ABS Green plastic shower head (SP829) | Universal Emergency shower sign (SP177) | Ball valve, wall-mounted accessory for body showers with internal valve in the heated area (SP404) | Test tag (SP170) | Support bracket in stainless steel (9090.2). Please click here for datasheets.