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Spray Nozzles

PNR UK Ltd can assist with all of your industrial spray nozzle requirements from the standard (and specialised) Flat Fan nozzles, Full Cone Nozzles and Hollow Cone Nozzles to Air-Assisted Atomisers, Tank Cleaning Heads and more. PNR also goes beyond that and can assist with additional associated products such as Wash Down Spray Guns, Hoses and Lances, Emergency Safety Showers and much more.

We also have a lot of experience with dust suppression nozzles and systems for suppressing dust inside and outside. Every job is different and generally unique to the application in-hand. We can help with advice and installation of these systems.

PNR general purpose industrial spray nozzles. Hollow cone / full cone / flat fan jet / pencil jet or straight jet and high pressure cleaning nozzles.
PNR pre-treatment surface finishing spray nozzles and pipe clamps. Swivel nozzles, eyelet clamps, eductors, flat fan nozzles and more.
PNR air assisted atomiser / atomizer spray nozzles. Fogging, fine mist, humidification & dust suppression.
PNR tank cleaning devices / cleaning in Place (CIP). Cleaning heads for cleaning tanks, food and drink vessels.

About PNR

Industrial Spray Nozzles have been manufactured by PNR since 1968. Over the years PNR’s production methods for spray nozzles and supporting equipment have been second to none and a programme of continuous upgrading of production machinery & IT is a naturally evolving procedure.

PNR Full cone spiral nozzles, pig tail nozzles, PNR spray nozzles, nozzles for gas scrubbing & foam suppression.

PNR Italia (PNRI) and all of its agents and distributors have a wealth of experience and knowledge around the world when it comes to industrial nozzles and the applications they are used in. PNR UK has been part of the PNR family since 1993 and before that from 1984 under a different name. We have experience of spray nozzle applications in almost every industry where spray nozzles can be used.