Spray Nozzles

The use of spray nozzles is wide and varied and spans many industries. PNR has the experience and knowledge of most of these. We work with many of the historic industries such as the steel, automotive and surface finishing sectors, but continue to adapt and evolve to all industries and new applications that come our way. Generally with our knowledge and experience we can assist anyone with choosing the right nozzle for the job.

General Purpose Nozzles

In the vast majority of applications spray nozzles included in our general purpose nozzle range (flat fans, full cones, hollow cones) will cover MOST industrial needs. PNR has a full range of nozzles in these various designs that come in a choice of flow rates, spray angles and spray patterns and that are also manufactured in a choice of metals (including exotic) and plastics.

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Atomiser Nozzles

PNR manufactures a full range of air assisted atomisers capable of producing very fine droplets at relatively low pressures. Some industrial processes require a fine mist which can not always be achieved using just hydraulic nozzles, especially when the high pressure required is not available. Atomisers get used in coating processes, humidification systems, disinfection/santising processes and dust suppression to name a few…

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Steel Work Nozzles

PNR as a company has over 40 years experience in the steel industry offering a  complete range of products for processes such as; Continuous Casting, Hot Rolling, Pickling, cooling, descaling and dust suppression.

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Paper Mill Nozzles

PNR has engineered very specific nozzles for the paper industry, although some of these do cross over from the products in our general purpose industrial spray nozzle range. Nozzles are used in preparing pulp paste, side cutting, felt washing, brush shower cleaning, pollution control and more.

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Fire Fighting Nozzles

PNR also offers a wide range of fire-fighting nozzles and fire-fighting equipment. Once again there is also a small cross-over with some of the general purpose nozzles which are also used in fire-fighting.

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