Pre-treatment Nozzles

PNR UK Ltd has a lot of experience with supplying spray nozzles and assembly fittings to the pretreatment / surface finishing industry and it forms a large part of our business. We have an extensive range of swivel nozzles (sphere nozzles), nozzle pipe fittings, clamps / eyelets, quick couplers and mixing eductors (for liquid agitation). We can also quote and supply for stand pipes (risers), pipe manifolds and spray bars.

Swivel nozzles, quick release tips, flat fan nozzles, spoon jet nozzles, sphere adaptor for nozzles. Pre-treatment nozzles from PNR UK Ltd.

Swivel Nozzles

Our swivel nozzles are designed on a ball/sphere system (we refer to them as swivel nozzles). These are universal to all of the PNR eyelets / clamp systems, whether for clamps sizes to fit 1″ , 1 1/4″ , 1 1/2″ or 2″ pipes. Sphere nozzles are available as an integrated all in one nozzle, female threaded versions (to accept male thread conventional nozzles) and also in a quick release tip format. They are very diverse.

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Nozzle holders, pipe clamps and eylets. Spring clip, quick release and fixed. PNR ZPQ, ZPL ZPN clamps.

Clamp / Eyelet Nozzles

PNR’s extensive range of nozzle clamps (or eyelets as they are referred to) are available to suit most applications and customer requirements. The dish part of the clamp will house all of our sphere nozzle types and the VAB-0125-D6 retaining cap is universal to all of them. They are available for various pipe OD’s and with different fixing options i.e. as spring clips, a quick release plastic system, or a fixed bolt and nut system. We even offer a 1/2″ male thread version to screw straight into a 1/2″ female socket.

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PNR Quick coupler body and adaptor for pipe fittings, spray bars, spray pipes & pre-treatment plants.

Quick Couplers Fittings

Pipe couplers are an easy and flexible way to fix pipes to manifolds. Quick couplers are a rapid and effective way to install and maintain pipe systems and are ideal where regular maintenance is required. These coupler systems are extensively used in the pretreatment and surface finishing industries but can be used in a wider variety of applications and processes.

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PNR eductor, injector nozzles for liquid agitation and mixing.

Eductor Nozzles

Eductor nozzles often referred to as injectors, agitators or mixing eductors. They have many uses in the various industrial sectors but are commonly used in the surface finishing industry. PNR’s offers a range of sizes, but all have the same function of mixing / agitating fluids and suspending solutions so that they do not settle. Eductors output 4 times the volume injected through them by drawing in the surrounding fluid through the rear of the nozzle.

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