Sani-Move (Portable Disinfection System)

PNR Portable sanitising system with ultrasonic atomiser, pressure tank and compressor. A prevention against Covid 19 (Corona virus)

The PNR SANI-MOVE sytem is designed for the practical and simple sanitation of offices, shops, and small/medium-sized rooms and premises. Used correctly  it is possible to adjust the pressure of the
air and the percentage of neutralised liquid without leaving residue on objects and fabrics.

The SANI-MOVE is a quality item constructed from stainless steel that is easy to transport, and easy to to handle via its trolley.

Portable disinfection spray system from PNR Italia with hand held trigger gun and PNR ultrasonic atomiser.

The SANI-MOVE system comes complete with flexible hoses for liquid and air, an ergonomic spray gun and a PNR manufactured ultrasonic atomiser fitted to the end of the gun.The ultrasonic atomiser allows you to achieve tiny micron droplets which are perfect for a widespread and uniform distribution of sanitising liquid.

PNR, ultrasonic fine mist atomiser nozzle spray image

The PNR manufactured ultrasonic atomiser is an atomising nozzle already in the PNR atomising nozzle range. This type of atomiser uses the power of sound waves (that the human ear cannot detect) shattering the water droplets and transforming them in to a fine aqueous mist.

The PNR portable sanitising device with air compressor unit, liquid pressure tank and manual trigger spray gun. PNR pressurised tank for portable spray nozzle applications.

The pressurised stainless steel tank is positioned on board the structure with a handy compressor situated just below it.

The pressure tank – already a stand-alone PNR product – provides 9 litres of sanitising liquid (liquid of customers choice and not included with this product) and the built-in compressor ensures constant operating pressure for continuous use.

The UMR pressure tanks (that PNR already sell) work by being pressurised using an air line and forcing the liquid out under pressure through the outlet feed.

PNR's portable sani-move disinfection spray system with optional PNR branded protective cover.

The Sani-Move comes with a protective case complete with the PNR logo. On request (and at an additional charge) you can have your logo on this cover.

  1. The standard trolley comes with two wheels set 300 mm apart.
  2. There is an option for a three-wheel version for easy lifting up steps. Please ask about this.