Roll Cooling Nozzles

Roll cooling in the steel industry. Air Knife blowing nozzles / air blades or air bars and air blowing nozzles.

As the metal processing industry advances we see parallel changes with nozzle requirements. Compressed air nozzles also play a significant role where light cooling is required.

PNR steel works nozzles. Roll cooling air blowing nozzles.

The UEA-D020 cone spray pattern is well suited for small profiles and where roll design and sizes are constrained.

Steel work industry, roll cooling process, air knife nozzles. PNR UK Ltd.

Where longer rolls of metals are produced and light cooling is required without the aid of liquid the UEA-L022 flat fan pattern air nozzles provide an ideal solution for any length of roll.

Air blades or air bars used in steel production in the roll cooling process. PNR industrial spray nozzles.

For cooling and at the same time providing efficient air movement, the UEB is suited well for such processes. These are mainly used for light rolls and general cooling – again where cooling liquids are not required.