Continuous Casting Nozzles

PNR steel works nozzles for continuous casting. Flat fan nozzles, atomiser nozzles, square pattern full cone nozzles and nozzle tips with Dovetail fittings.

The process of continuous casting is straight forward enough, but the fundamental cooling of the steel at that stage is crucial. The process relies on spray nozzles installed at strategic positions along the whole process from the exit of the mould to the run out table. From billet casting to slab casting a complete selection of industrial nozzles is available from PNR. The steel plants design demands the range that we offer. These can be flat fan pattern, full cone pattern, oval, rectangular pattern and air assisted cooling or a combination of configurations.

PNR continuous casting cooling nozzles. Full cones / Oval Jets / Tips. Steel Industry spray nozzles.

Continuous Casting Cooling (Water): PNR’s full cone range of spray nozzles offer a choice to suit billet cooling processes. Various full cone assemblies are designed to match the type of installations and designs. A modern or existing steel plant may require spray pattern shapes to be anything from cone, oval, square and rectangular.

Continuous casting cold lamination. Steel works industry nozzles. PNR GX and GY nozzle tips with weld-on nipples and retaining caps.

Continuous Casting Cooling (Water) Cold Lamination: Flat fan spray patterns tend to be fitted around mould exit headers and also in awkward cooling areas where roller equipment creates space restrictions. For these applications PNR has various flat fan fitting combinations to assist the steel plant engineer or equipment designer.

Continuous casting spray nozzles, air assisted atomiser steel works nozzles.

Continuous Casting Cooling (Air-assisted Atomisation): PNR’s range of air-assisted atomisers has evolved over recent years to a quite sophisticated design – now offering many variations. The types on offer are there to assist the designs of the latest continuous casting machines providing an efficient cooling and a practical solution. This range of air assisted atomisers are more likely to be installed on slab casting machines where access with conventional pressure-fed nozzles is difficult.