General Purpose Nozzles

PNR Italia’s general purpose industrial spray nozzle range covers thousands of different nozzles which are determined by material, flow rate, size, spray angle and performance. The standard flat fan, straight jet, full cone and hollow cone nozzle spray patterns work because of three different engineering designs; pressure principle, turbulence and deflection.

Flat Fan Nozzles

Generally flat fan nozzles follow the pressure principle design (liquid fed under pressure into a chamber and through an orifice). Spray patterns, flow rates and spray angles are determined by the design of the pressure chamber and the orifice profile. Some flat fan nozzles follow the deflection design where liquid deflects off an engineered surface.

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Full Cone Nozzles

Full cone nozzles fall into the turbulence design. Liquid is fed into a specifically designed chamber/vane to create a centrifugal force which exits the nozzle orifice creating a conical shape or a cone spray pattern.

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PNR Hollow cone spray nozzle spray pattern

Hollow Cone Nozzles

Often referred to as tangential nozzles. Liquid enters the nozzle chamber on a right-angle creating a centrifugal force which concentrates the droplets on the outside of the cone forming a hollow cone spray pattern.

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