Accessories & Fittings

PNR’s accessories range has naturally evolved over the years we’ve been in business as many of these products go hand-in-hand with spray nozzle applications. Please see below for a range of different filters, air blowing nozzles / knives / blades, wash guns and hose reels, mixing / agitation eductors, pipe clamp assemblies, welded and threaded nipples and swivel joints.

PNR in-line and nozzle mesh filters, threaded and flange fittings. VEH / VEM / VEC / VED type plastic and metal filters.


PNR offers a range of filters to suit all requirements. We can supply in-line filters with different cartridge mesh sizes as well as small nozzle filters which either fit into the back of the spray nozzle or into a nipple and cap configuration.

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PNR air blowing nozzles / blow-off nozzles / air knife blades or air knife nozzles.

Air Blowing Knives / Nozzels

Air blowing nozzles, air blades and air knives can be used in a wide variety of industrial processes. We have a range of air blowing products to suit drying and blow-off requirements.

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PNR wash guns, high pressure guns, spray lances, hose reels and nozzles.

Wash Guns & Hoses

Wash guns and hoses are a common accessory with our spray nozzle customers but primarily popular with the food industry. PNR offers a range of both high and low pressure water guns and lances as well as food-grade hose reels and hoses.

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Eductor nozzles / agitating nozzles / mixing eductors or injectors as they are refereed to, are common in the pretreatment and surface finishing industry,  but there is a cross-over to many other applications. Eductors put out 4 times the volume injected through them by drawing in the surrounding liquid. They are used for mixing liquids and paints and suspending solutions to prevent settling in tanks and vessels.

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PNR pipe clamps, nipples for spray nozzle tips, retaining caps & fittings. ZPB / ZPM / ZPC / ZPH / VAA

Pipe Clamps & Assembly Fittings

PNR has an extensive range of ways to assemble your spray nozzles to your pipework. We have various metal and plastic clamp systems as well as a range of nipples and retaining cap assemblies which come in weld-on or threaded designs.

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PNR swivel joints in brass and stainless steel. For directional and flexible spraying.

Swivel Joints

For applications where there is a requirement to adjust the direction of the spray pattern – PNR has a choice of swivel joints to suit available space and thread sizes.

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