Rotary Tank Cleaning | Reaction Drive

RotaryCIP ank cleaning heads from PNR

Reaction drive rotating tank cleaning heads (for Cleaning in Place / CIP) are driven by the water passing through the nozzle. PNR offer a selection of reaction drive models to suit a variety of cleaning applications, vessel/tank sizes and chemicals. Depending on the tank cleaning model PNR can offer spray pattern coverage options that include 180° up, 180° down, 270° up,  270° down and the full 360°.

UBB reaction & rotary drive tank cleaning head from PNR UK Ltd. PTFE

UBB tank-wash heads: These PNR rotary cleaning heads are especially designed for applications where chemicals might attack the cleaning head and is there for only available in PTFE.  The rotary motion is produced by the force of the solid stream water jets exiting the nozzle. The jets are arranged in such a way that the inner tank surface or vessel is thoroughly covered. Available coverage spray patterns include 180° up, 180° down and also 360° full coverage. Max temperature 95° C | Max pressure 4 bar | Material PTFE

UBC reaction & rotary drive CIP tank cleaning head from PNR UK Ltd.

UBC tank-wash heads: This PNR roating cleaning head is one of our most popular models. They are made completely out of stainless steel, with the rotating sphere rolling on two rows of ball bearings. Both the inner and outer surfaces are carefully machined, deburred, cleaned and polished to avoid contamination from bacterial growth. UBC heads are available with varying female BSP threads or a clip connection.  The robust and simple design results in a high quality construction, long trouble-free service and remarkable efficiency. Available coverage spray patterns include 180° down, 270° up and  360° full coverage. Max pressure 7 bar | Material 316 Stainless steel.

UBD rotary / reaction drive CIP tank cleaning head/nozzle/machine from PNR UK Ltd.

UBD tank-wash heads:

UBD rotary heads have been specifically designed to give an even water distribution assuring optimum surface coverage. They are a clever simple design using only one moving part with large internal passages. The UBD tank cleaning head is a good choice for shorter wash cycles where water usage is an issue and where only clean water (not recycled water) needs to be used. Only a fraction of the liquid energy is used to power the washing head, while the high speed of the rotating disc instantly produces high energy droplets covering the inside surface of the tank. All inside and outside surfaces are carefully polished. Available coverage spray patterns include 180° up |180° down and 360° full coverage. Materials: Body, shaft and rotary head in 316L Stainless steel or available in Hastelloy C22 | Bearings PTFE.

UBX tank-wash heads: This reaction-drive rotating tank cleaning head is very compact and is ideal for accurate cleaning of the upper area of a tank around the inlet pipe section. It is a popular product in the pharmaceutical industry, but can be adapted to many other applications. The head comes in various female thread sizes and a standard PNR clip connection. Available in spray coverage patterns of 270° up or down and 360° full coverage| Materials are a combination of 316L stainless steel, PTFE or Peek on request.

UBF mini rotating, reaction drive tank cleaning head - PNR UK Ltd

UBF tank-wash heads: This is PNR’s range of CIP head nozzles for cleaning small bore pipes/ducting and or containers/tanks. The use for these is wide and varied as they will fit into tight spaces. However, they are typically used for such processes as cleaning beer kegs and other drinks containers. The larger of this design uses a 1/2″ female thread whereas the very smallest of this range comes in a 1/8″ female thread connection. Available coverage spray patterns include 180° down and also 360° full coverage for the 1/2″ fitting and 270° only for the 1/8″ connetion. Max temperature 95° C | Max pressure 4 bar | Material PTFE