Air Blowing Nozzles

PNR UEA, UEB, GZS, Air blowing nozzles and air knives.

PNR offers a range of air compressed air nozzles. These include air blowing nozzles, air knives (air-blades) and air bars. Air nozzles are often used in the food industry but can be used across all industrial sectors for blowing off water, drying products or removing dust and debris.

UEA PNR air nozzle. Blow-off nozzles for use with compressed air. Powerful concentrated air jet.

AIR BLOWING NOZZLE:The UEA-D020 air nozzle produces a well-defined powerful and concentrated jet of air, perfect for blowing out or drying deep/blind holes. This nozzle benefits from reduced noise output and reduced pressure loss.

UEA_0525-E1 PNR air knife nozzle in Polyacetalic resin.

AIR KNIFE NOZZLE – FLAT FAN:  The PNR UEA range is perfect for applications requiring strong impact laminar jets of air. Compressed air exits through 16 holes directed by fins producing a strong impact flat fan pattern of air – perfect for blow-off and water removal from products. Widely used on process lines in the food industry and in other manufacturing sectors. Materials: UEA-0525-E31 (code for Polyacetal resin (POM) / UEA-0525-V7 (code for Aluminium electroless nickel-plated).

UEA_0527-V7 PNR aluminium air knife nozzle.

AIR KNIFE NOZZLE – FLAT FAN:: The PNR UEA-0527-B31 flat fan air nozzle is the same as described above but now also available in 316 stainless steel.

PNR GZS air or steam nozzle metal tip.

AIR & STEAM FLAT FAN NOZZLE: The PNR GZS nozzle is designed to produce an effective, well distributed flat jet of air or steam (also sometimes referred to as a steam nozzle).  As well as being widely used on process lines – for blow off and water removal from products – these nozzles are also very well suited to removing unwanted build-up of dust particles on machinery or in engine compartment. Available in brass, 303 & 316L stainless steel and when used in conjunction with our assemble fitting ZLA (threaded nipple) OR ZAB (welded nipple), these nozzles are adaptable to most applications.

PNR UEB air knife nozzles. High impact laminar jet of compressed air.

AIR BLADE / AIR BLOWER: PNR’S UEB air knives (or air blade nozzles) produce an accelerated high impact laminar jet of compressed air. The main stream of air draws in the surrounding air producing 20 times the volume of air as it exits the air blade. The design is based on the Coanda effect; a natural phenomena which causes the fluid jet to be attracted to a nearby by surface. As the compressed air flows 90° round the profile of the UEA air knife, a negative pressure is created which then draws in the additional air – thus making this blower highly efficient and a good way to reduce energy costs. Excellent for processes such as drying bottles or blowing off excess water from other products.