Classic Atomiser Nozzles

Classic air-assisted atomiser spray nozzles from PNR. Standard and clean-out needle / shut off valve.

The PNR basic / classic atomiser range of nozzles consist of a body and tip set-up arrangement. Either side of the body is an air-in and liquid-in port (shown in the two examples images above). Air and water enters through these dedicated ports on either side of the atomiser body. Air and liquid then mixes in

Internal mix and external mix atomiser tip/cap configurations from PNR.

the air and liquid cap set-up creating a fine mist spray. Air and liquid tips come in either internal or external mix configurations (see diagram). This configuration results in flat fan & full cone spray patterns and is available for liquid pressure feed systems or gravity/suction feed systems if required.

PNR atomiser air cap or tip and liquid cap or tip options. Flat fan, full cone, fine mist spray nozzles.

ATOMISER SET-UPS: PNR atomiser (Eng) or atomizer (USA) set-ups consist of an air nozzle and a liquid nozzle combination. The two nozzle tips (or caps) are matched to achieve the desired flow rate, type of jet and spray angle. These set-ups work with our classic atomiser bodies and also the automatic atomiser bodies. Atomiser bodies consist of an air-in port and a liquid-in port, the air and liquid then mix inside.

Basic body air assisted atomiser from PNR UK Ltd with back plug.

BASIC BODY OPTION: The basic body atomiser consists of an air-in port on one side of the ‘block’ and a liquid-in port on the other side. Port sizes are 1/4″ for the standard size and 1/2″ for the large capacity atomisers. This basic body will then take a liquid and air nozzle combination on the front of the atomiser, there is a blanking plug to the rear. See below for additional clean-out / shut off options which utilises this port.

Basic body air assisted atomiser with clean-out and shut off valve from PNR.

SHUT-OFF / CLEAN-OUT OPTION: This option uses exactly the same body as the basic set-up mentioned above. The rear port is used for a manually operated clean-out and shut-off needle.

 PNR pressure tank or pressure vessel. Part codes UMR-0090-B2 and UMR-0190-B2. Great for where there is no liquid pressure available on site. Work well with air-assisted atomisers.

PNR’s stainless steel pressure tanks come in a 19 litre option (part number UMR-C190-B2) and a 9 litre option (part number UMR-C090-B2). Pressure tanks or pressure vessels work well with our classic air assisted atomiser range. They are ideal where a pressurised liquid supply is not available on site. The vessels are pressurised using a compressed air supply which then provides liquid pressure to the liquid inlet of the atomiser nozzle.