Coke oven spray nozzles are used for gas dust suppression and gas cooling. This requires high volumes of water to be evenly sprayed in order to create large surface areas and trap the cooling gases. PNR are market leaders in producing these products and supply nozzles for this very application world-wide. These nozzles typically run at low pressures with high volumes. This range of steel works nozzles has been perfected by PNR to a very high standard producing perfectly formed quality full and hollow cone spray curtains.

PNR AEU and AEW full cone spray nozzles. Low pressure, high capacity nozzles for coke suppression / cooling in the steel industry.

The PNR AE series are designed for coping with high capacities of water. The AE nozzle internal profile has been designed to obtain a uniform spray distribution;  also achieved at low pressures.

Depending on the size of nozzle required PNR offer the AE as a casting OR welded body, both of which are finished to a high standard of machining to produce the perfect spray pattern. The connection flange is typically DIN ND 16, other connection specifications available.

PNR BEU full cone spray nozzle with large capacity. Used in the steel industry for coke suppression and cooling.

The PNR BE/BL nozzles produce an evenly distributed full cone spray pattern which generates a high impact within the area being sprayed. These nozzles are used in application requiring high flow rates of up to 11,300l/min. The main benefits of these nozzles are producing large volumes of water at a high density per square meter.

Nozzle bodies are formed from castings which are then finished to a high standard of machining to produce the perfect spray pattern. These are offered in either female thread (BE) OR a flange connection (BL).

PNR PRY full cone spray nozzle for the steel industry in coke suppression and cooling.

The PRY nozzle is one of PNR’s flagship nozzles producing the perfect hollow cone spray pattern based on the principle of a tangential inlet flow with an off-set spray pattern on the outlet flow. Now fabricated in 316L stainless steel giving this nozzle a long life span considering the harsh environments it operates in. Due to the design with large inlet and outlet orifices, these nozzles offer considerable resistance to clogging thus reducing costly shutdowns for maintenance.

PNR large flow rate PRY hollow cone spray pattern