Eductor Nozzles (Mixing Eductors)

PNR Italia manufactures a range of mixing eductors for use in pre-treatment plants and other industrial applications. Mixing eductors are generally used in pre-treatment and paint plants for the continuous mixing / suspension of paints and or solutions. Eductors will put out four times the volume that is injected through them, making them excellent for liquid agitation and mixing.

PNR mixing eductors for pre-treatment plants and paint plants. Also referred to as eductor nozzles.

PNR eductors come in thread sizes from 3/8” through to 2”. Part number codes start with UPB (for male thread) and UPD (for female thread). They are available in a range of materials i.e. 316L stainless steel (code B31), poly propylene (code D6) and moulded PVDF (code D82).