Clamp / Eylet Nozzles

PNR pipe clamps / eyelets for swivel nozzles. Spring clip, single, double, fixed and quick release options for pre-treatment surface finishing. ZPN / ZPL / ZPQ / ZLF / ZPG.

PNR’s wide and diverse range of nozzle clamps / eyelets (used extensively in the pretreatment and surface finishing industries, but not limited to) offer solutions to all spray bar / spray pipe applications. This range of clamps are designed to fit pipes from 1″ up to 2″ OD as well as a 1/2″ threaded nipple version. The clamps or eyelets come with a spigot to the rear and a rubber washer. Spigot sizes vary and all the user needs to do is drill the appropriate hole size in their spray pipe, the spigot locates into the hole and the clamp system holds the clamp firmly in place with no leaks. Our swivel nozzles / sphere nozzles fit into the dish part of this range (the dish part is universal to the range). The sphere nozzle is held in place with a PNR VAB-0125-D6 retaining cap – the cap being universal to all of these fittings. Clamp designs vary from single spring clip fittings up to a more secure bolt-on version. The required clamp type depends on operating pressures, the environment the application is in and also maintenance/cleaning schedules.

ZPN / ZPL single clip clamp / eyelet to hold nozzles. PNR pre-treatment range. PNR pre-treatment nozzles. Pipework spigot hole illustration.

SINGLE SPRING CLIP CLAMP / EYELET: PNR ZPL pipe clamps are an efficient way to fit spray nozzles into light duty plants or for use in any light duty applications. Single spring ZPL clamps use the same range of accessories (retaining caps, nozzle spheres, threaded spheres and o-rings) as the rest of our ZP range. The clamp is fitted onto the pipe quickly without the need for tools – as the spigot to the rear of the clamp fits into a hole drilled into the pipe to suit the spigot. Spigot sizes of come in 14mm (1″ OD pipes) and then 20mm, 17mm, 14mm for both 11/4″ and 11.2″ OD pipes) . Max working temperature 80° C | Max working pressure 2 bar | Materials: Body D6 (polypropylene), Spring (N1 AISI 302 Stainless steel, heat treated), O-ring (E8 Synthetic rubber NBR).

ZPN/ZPL double clip PNR pipe clamps for swivel sphere nozzles. PNR pre-treatment and surface finishing range.

DOUBLE SPRING CLIP CLAMP / EYELET: PNR ZPN pipe clamps are the same as the single clip version, but offer a firmer grip and can withstand up to 3 bar pressure compared to 2 bar for the single clip version. See single clip version for materials and other details.

ZPQ clamp or eyelet. PNR quick release pipe clamp for swivel nozzles in pre-treatment plants and dust suppression systems

QUICK RELEASE PIPE CLAMP / EYELET: PNR ZPQ pipe clamps are designed for quick installation and maintenance. A quick release lever allows the user to fix the clamp to the spray pipe with ease. The ZPF will withstand 5 bar pressure and this clamp uses all the same accessories as the rest of our ZP range. Spigot sizes come in 20mm & 17mm,  for both 11/4″ and 11/2″ OD pipes. Max working temperature 80° C | Max working pressure 5 bar | Materials: Body D6 (polypropylene), Pins (316 Stainless steel) O-ring (E8 Synthetic rubber NBR), seal D22 (Soft polypropylene).

ZPF fixed pipe clamp or eyelet. Bolted nozzle holder/clamp for pre-treatment plants, dust suppression, spray bars and other applications from PNR UK Ltd.

FIXED PIPE CLAMP / EYELET: PNR ZPF pipe clamps offer a secure, strong fitting with exactly the same diversity as the rest of our ZP range. They are ideal in processes where heavy duty activities might knock the clamps and also where higher liquid pressure is used. The clamp is closed by means of a screw. Spigot sizes come in 14mm, 17mm and 20mm for both 11/4″ and 11.2″ OD pipes. Max working temperature 80° C | Max working pressure 5 bar | Materials: Body D6 (polypropylene), Pin and screw (316 Stainless steel) O-ring (E8 Synthetic rubber NBR), seal D22 (Soft polypropylene).

ZLF 1/2`` half inchmale thread nipple to hold PNR swivel / sphere nozzles. Pre-treatment plants, surface finishing, dust suppression, spray bars and other industrial spray applications.

THREADED NIPPLE: PNR ZLF threaded  nipples have greatly diversified where PNR’s range of swivel nozzles can be used and how they can be used – it has given our customers great flexibility. The 1/2″ male thread can be fitted into saddle clamps or sockets and then allows for the use of our full HGQ pre-treatment flat fan spheres / ZBA balls (to take standard spray nozzles) and even for fixing eductors in place. The advantage is the additional directional movement of the spray or liquid flow orientation. Max working temperature 80° C | Max working pressure 4 bar | Materials: Body D6 (PP / polypropylene).

ZLF 1/2`` half threaded nipple fixed to a saddle clamp on a dust suppression application.
ZPG PNR pipe holder clips for pre-treatment plants, spray bars, other pipes and more.PNR UK Ltd - ZPG pipe holder / pipe fixing / pipe clamp illustration - pretreatment tunnel

PIPE HOLDERS / BRACKETS: PNR ZPG type pipe holders offer an easy and convenient solution for fixing and holding spray manifolds / spray bars / risers & header pipes securely to walls and flat surfaces. PNR has also successfully used these in awkward areas usging M10 threaded bar and back plates (a flexible and secure alternative if a surface is not close to the spray bars). ZPG pipe clamps/holders are most commonly used in pretreatment tunnels but are a diverse product we offer and can be used in many other applications to fix any pipe with OD’s of 3/4″, 1″. 11/4″. The high quality springs accommodate both steel and plastic pipes. ZPG clamps can be equipped with one or two springs (heavy pipes or where the pipes might be subjected to excessive vibrations). Materials: Body D6 (PP, Polypropylene), Springs (N1 AISI 302 Stainless steel, heat treated).

PNR UK Ltd - ZPG pipe clamp with M10 threaded bar extension and M10 back plate.