Atomiser Nozzles

Atomisers use a combination of air and liquid to break up the droplets of liquid. They are great for applications where a fine mist is required (i.e. dust suppression, humidification, odour control, fine coatings etc.)  Although it is possible to achieve a fine mist using a hydraulic (water only) nozzle, the cost of the powerful pumps required & their susceptibility to clogging (due to the small orifices) makes air-assisted atomisers an excellent alternative to use.

PNR Air-assisted atomiser. Classic atomiser or basic atomiser

Classic Atomiser Nozzles

The most basic atomiser in the PNR range. These consist of an air in port & a liquid in port. They come in flat fan & full cone spray patterns with internal & external mix setups & are available for pressure fed or siphon/gravity fed systems. Manual shutoff/clean out needles can be added to the set-ups.

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MX range automatic air assisted atomiser nozzle from PNR

Automatic Atomiser Nozzles

PNR’s automatic atomisers (MX series) work with most of the same air and liquid tips available in our the classic/basic atomiser range. They differ in the body design and internal workings. When the air line is on, the atomiser is activated – when the air supply stops, the atomiser closes.

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PNR MAL / MAD ultrasonic atomisers for fine mists and fogging

Ultrasonic Atomiser Nozzles

The ultrasonic atomisers create an even finer droplet size and spray pattern to the classic and automatic atomiser range. The droplets are broken up twice; first by air and then on a resonating plate into an even finer mist. Great for humidification, dust suppression, disinfection and more.

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