Cold Rolling / Pickling Nozzles

Pickling process nozzles for the steel industry

PNR J series spray nozzles – our standard flat fan spray nozzles – are used in the picking process of producing steel. The flat fan nozzle is used to remove the surface layers of oxides formed during the hot metalwork.

Illustration of a flat fan spray pattern from a flat fan spray nozzle.

The PNR J series spray nozzles can also be found under our General Purpose Spray Nozzle range. This is a diverse range of flat fan nozzles used in many industries. For the pickling process we tend to use JA (1/8″ thread) / JB (1/4″ thread) & JC (3/8″ thread) and the spray angle used is 30° (defined by “F” for 30°).  The codes are JAF / JBF or JCF. These are nozzles are available in 303 & 316 stainless steel, brass and PVDF.