Steel Work Nozzles

Steel works spray nozzles. PNR.

PNR has over 40 years experience in many sectors of industry where spray nozzles are used. We offer a complete range of nozzle products specifically for the steel industry and the production of steel. Our nozzles cover all the processes including Cooling processes, Continuous Casting, Hot Rolling, Pickling, Dust Suppression and even Water Treatment Filtration.

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PNR steel work nozzles

PNR & PNRI steel work nozzles, part 1 catalogue, front page

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PNR steel work nozzles

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PNR Descaling nozzles

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PNR coke suppression and cooling nozzles for the steel works industry. Full cone & hollow cone nozzles.

Coke Oven Nozzles

We offer a range of large capacity (large flow rate) full cone and hollow cone spray pattern nozzles for use in the Coke Suppression / Cooling processes. This range is available in large thread sizes up to 8″ and flange connections…

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PNR Continuous casting spray nozzles for steel works.

Continuous Casting Nozzles

We have a large range of spray nozzle types for use in the continuous casting cooling process. Nozzle types include full cone nozzles, flat fan nozzles, oval jets and air and water atomisers. These include various male and female thread options as well as nozzle tips, caps and bodies…

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Roll cooling & descaling nozzles for the steel industry. PNR UK Ltd

Descaling Nozzles / Roll Cooling

PNR manufactures a wide range of high pressure descaling spray nozzles for the steel production process. The range covers dove tail nozzle tips, weld-on nipples/bodies and retaining caps through to broached self aligned descaling nozzle assemblies with integral flow stabilisers and gaskets to suit the different set-ups…

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The PNR flat fan J series spray nozzle used in the cold rolling / pickling process of the steel industry.

Cold Rolling / Pickling nozzles

The cold rolling / pickling process utilises our J-series flat fan spray nozzles from the General Purpose range of spray nozzles. This is a versatile range of nozzles available in a variety of capacities, spray angles and materials and used in a number of industrial processes as well as the steel industry.

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UEA 7 UEB compressed air blowing nozzles, air bars and air knife nozzles for the steel industry.

Roll Cooling Nozzles

PNR manufactures a range of compressed air nozzles often used in the Roll Cooling process. These include air nozzles that produce a powerful jet of concentrated air, air knife nozzles and air blades…