Fire Fighting Nozzles

PNR fire fighting spray nozzles & fire fighting products.

PNR founded its business on fire fighting products back in 1968 when it all began. Now PNR is a major manufacturer and supplier of industrial spray nozzles and continues to manufacture fire-fighting nozzle products for the industry. We have a range of wide angle hollow cone ceiling nozzles (ROY series), mushroom nozzles (URC series), foam expansion spray nozzles (RV series) and also a cross over range from our General Purpose Industrial Spray Nozzle; Spiral/pigs tail full cones (E series range) & wide angle flood  jet tangential nozzles (K series range).

PNR CAY multiple full cone misting nozzles have been used successfully in fire-fighting trials and show good potential for use in the fire protection industry.

PNR can also offer general fire fighting products such as heat shields, bladder tanks, foam mixers and more. Please just ask should you have an enquiry for any such items. Our other spray nozzles have also shown promise as a major fire fighting product. In particular trials on our CAY full cone cone cluster nozzles have been very promising indeed. This spray nozzle has the ability to produce a good wide angle mist at low flow rates.

PNR CAY full cone cluster nozzle misting test image