PNR offer a full range of Industrial spray nozzles used in a variety of industrial and none-industrial processes. In addition PNR also offer many accessories for related processes in the industries that we are involved in, including: tank cleaning (CIP), water filter nozzles, pipe clamps & eyelets, in-line filters, hoses, guns & hose reels, emergency safety showers & eyewash units and more.

PNR Spray Nozzle range for industrial, general purpose, steel works, dust suppression and more.


Our spray nozzle range includes thousands of permutations. Determined by material, flow rates, sizes, spray angles and performances. Generally all can be categorised into three overall types: flat fan, full cone and hollow cone nozzles.

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Water Filter Nozzles

PNR has a complete range of water treatment nozzles for the water filtration industry. These products are specifically engineered for the filtration of water in pressure filters, rapid gravity filters and monolithic floors.

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Tank cleaning spray heads, rotary and static from PNR UK Ltd.

Tank Washing & CIP

We have a complete range of Cleaning in Place (CIP) / tank cleaning wash heads for a variety of tank and vessel cleaning  applications. Our range included both static spray balls and a choice of quality-engineered rotary cleaning heads.

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Emergency Safety Showers

Hazardous chemicals are often used in the workplace by our spray nozzle customers. We offer a variety of standalone emergency safety showers, combination showers with eye/facewash stations and accessories to suit most requirements.

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Accessories & Fittings

Our accessories have evolved to compliment our spray nozzle range and the industries that we work with. These include, but are not limited to: mixing eductors, pipe clamps, pipe holders, quick couplers, pipe joints, swivel joints, in-line filters, nozzle filters, air knife / air blowing nozzles, hoses and wash guns.

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