Disinfection Lance & Fog head Kit

Fogging nebulizer kit with mist nozzle fogger on pole and lance for manual disinfection & coronavirus-covid-19

Portable fogging nebulizer with spray lance: This manually operated kit is designed for disinfecting all sorts of work areas, surfaces and rooms. The kit includes:

  1. Pressure tank
  2. Trolley
  3. Spray gun and lance (with three nozzle attachment options included)
  4. Fogging head (with 4 nozzles) mounted on pole for disinfecting rooms.

The system can be changed from the pole to the manual lance using manual valves mounted on the trolley kit.

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Four spray nozzle cluster fogging head for disinfecting.
Nebulizer fogging kit with valves to swap from fogging nozzle head or lance
Nebulizer spray lance with fogging nozzle attachment options.
  1. AInlet Spray Gun with 1/2″ BSP female thread
  2. B = 700 mm long lance with ergonomic grip
  3. C = Filter Block to filter micro impurity
  4. D = Quick Coupling ball (female connection)

The following are included & offer three options depending on your application.

  1. E = Fan spray nozzle with quick coupling fitting (male connection)
  2. F = Cone Misting Nozzle with Male quick coupling
  3. G =Five Nozzle fogging spray head with male quick coupling

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