Fogging Nebulizers for Sanitising

Manual sprayers, disinfection cleaning kits against germs, bacteria and viruses

Below you will find a selection of portable fine mist/fogging products for the purpose of disinfection and sanitising surfaces and rooms and other spaces. Whether this is manually applied using a lance and spray gun system or whether it be a portable system which plugs into an electrical supply.

PNR's own portable atomising mist system with spray gun and ultrasonic atomiser for sanitising & disinfectingPNR Italia - Sani-Move disinfectant portable spray unit - a possible COVID-19 prevention or solution

Sani-Move is portable disinfection system using Ultrasonic Atomiser technology

The TN0 Y11A B1 manufactured by PNR is a portable, manually operated cleaning kit on a trolley design which comes with a pressure tank, portable compressor unit, flexible hose assembly, spray gun, and a PNR MAL ultrasonic atomiser. Everything required is in one system ready to go – it just needs your disinfection of choice to go inside the 9 litres pressure vessel.

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Pressure tank, lance & spray nozzle kit for cleaning and disinfectingNebuliser kit for industrial deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitising.

Portable nebulizer/fogging disinfection kit


Model 8.2002S (with lance kit ZX.2324) is a portable, manually operated cleaning kit which comes with a pressure tank (mounted on a wheeled trolley) with a flexible hose, spray gun, lance and three separate nozzle attachments easily changed using quick coupling fittings.

This kit is designed to be manually operated and is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting all sorts of areas in the work place, in schools, hospitals including frequently touched door handles, work tools and other areas where viruses and germs can spread easily.

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Fogging nebuilizer on telescopic pole combined with spray lance and nozzles for industrial cleaning and disinfecting. School cleaning, workplace, public places, restaurants and more. Pressure tank, lance and fogging spray nozzle head for disinfecting from viruses such as COVID-19 & others

Portable nebulizer/fogging disinfection kit 


Model 8.3002S (with lance zx.2324) is virtually the same as model 82002s above but comes with the addition of a 4-nozzle nebulizing fogger mounted on a pole. This is easily changed from lance to pole by means of a valve mounted to the trolley.

Again, this is designed to be operated manually by a user, but the 4-nozzle fogging device mounted on the pole can be left to spray on its own in order to disinfect a wider area.  This kit is also great for  disinfecting the work place, warehouses, school rooms, hospitals and more.

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The SaniFog Small is a fantastic compact and mobile nebulising system utilising spray fogging technology to disinfect and santise small spaces.

SaniFog Small (for indoor use only)

Model ZX.2329  is a portable nebulizer which works off mains power and is ideal for disinfecting cars and vehicles, small to medium offices and small rooms within the home and at work.

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The SaniFog Big is a fine mist nebulizer, mains powered, for sanitising and disinfecting small spaces using fog spray technology.

SaniFog Big (for indoor use only)

Model ZX.2327  is a portable nebulizer which works off mains power and is ideal for disinfection offices, shops, dental practices, bars and restaurants, and vehicles such as ambulances and buses.

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