Air Purifier Units

Air purifier and air sanitising units for small spaces and large open rooms. Kills viruses and MRSA and eliminates odours from a variety of sources.

BKM (Bacterial Killing Machines) are air purifying & air sanitising devices. They have been designed to clean the air and rid it of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as common carbon-based allergens like smoke, mould, viruses, bacteria, and much more. With a range of models available from very compact mobile travel devices to larger counter-top options there is a solution for all  domestic and business environments.

Mobile Bacteria Killing Machine (BKM) air purification and air sanitising device to eliminate bacteria, odours and viruses.

PURIFIES UP TO 25 m2 : The BKM mobile air purifier and air sanitiser are good for areas up to 25 m2. Small and compact they are ideal for vehicles, desktops, utility rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotels, boats, and more. They use a 12v car adaptor and a mains wall adaptor. The BMK mobile uses only 11 Watts of energy, saving you money and the environment. Great for reducing odours, allergens, cigarette smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Surface mounted and counter top air purification devices for getting rid of odours and smells, and airborne bacteria and viruses

PURIFIES UP TO 400 m2: Models BKM300, BKM900 & BKM 900X are for open rooms up to 400 m. These larger, whisper-quiet counter top units are for use in larger areas and provide fresh, clean air in minutes. Depending on the model they are ideal for areas such as living rooms, master bedrooms, surgeries, kitchens, wineries, clinics and hospitals, bars and large kitchens, nurseries, large shops and more. Some of the more familiar carbon-based contaminants include mould, bacteria, viruses, odours and volatile organic compounds.

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Large air purification machines and devices for santising air against viruses, bacteria and nasty odours and smells. For large open spaces such as warehouses, food production areas and gyms.

PURIFIES UP TO 500 m: The BKM 1500P & 2000P purify air in open rooms up to 500 m2. Ideal for on-site cleaning of hotel rooms, especially for rooms occupied by smokers, for moulds, sanitation, treatment of job sites, and more. Depending on the model number these units are good for areas such as warehouses, paints and solvents storage, shoe factories, salons, gyms, restaurants, lounge bars, greenhouses, kennels, the food industry, shopping malls, schools, locker rooms, public baths, gyms, locker rooms, chemical laboratories, cellars, surgeries and hospitals, bar,  large kitchens and more.

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