Wash Guns & Hoses

PNR nozzles, hose reels, wash guns, high pressure lances and 1/4 mef high pressure nozzles.

High-pressure spray nozzles, wash guns, lances and hose reels compliment our range of spray nozzles perfectly. Many industrial sectors that we supply nozzles to have the additional use for these products. Please see below for a brief overview of the range and please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything more that you require.

PNR, FBB, FX 1/4 meg high pressure fan nozzles. 1/4, 1/8 and high pressure tips. Hard wearing stainless steel.

PNR F series spray nozzles (FA / FB / FX ) are made from hardened stainless steel. These high pressure washing nozzles come in 1/8″ &  1/4″ threads and in a spray nozzle tip.

Spray angles available are 0° / 15° / 25° / 40° / 65°. Customers familiar with this type of nozzle will know them by their USG per minute codes such as 1501 / 1502 / 1503 and so forth. PNR flow rates are provided in liters per minute. Please click here for datasheet.

PNR UMV rubber protected wash down gun. Hot water.

WASH DOWN GUNS:  PNR UMV guns derived from and designed mainly for the food industry are also a very popular gun for all industrial uses where adjustable flows of water are required.  Simply by squeezing the handle the flow of water can be increased or decreased. The options for these wash down guns are endless, whether you require large flow, small flow, food grade, hot or cold handling, and foaming or quick release connections, there is a wash down gun that will suit your application.

PNR UMW-0010-D4 basic wash down gun. 200 bar, 160 degrees Celsius, 30 lpm.UMW-0020-D4 PNR wash gun. 310 - 350 bar pressure,160 degrees Celsius, 40 liters per minute.

HIGH PRESSURE WATER GUNS: PNR UMW water guns are mainly used for high pressure cleaning applications. This range of wash guns benefit from a light but durable construction, coupled with high temperature and pressure ratings. Please also see our range of hoses reels (UMU), lances (UMW) and high pressure nozzles (F-Type) which allow these wash guns to suit a wide variety of applications.

PNR UMW high pressure wash lance for wash guns and high pressure nozzles.

CLEANING LANCES: PNR’S UMW  range of high pressure wash lances complement our hoses, wash guns and spray nozzles. These lances can be assembled to the PNR UMW guns guns. Lances come in various options from a basic model, models with a nozzle and heat shield and also filter options. Also available in various lengths.

PNR UMU series hose reels in stainless steel. For pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries. Retractable and manual options available.

HOSE REELS: PNR UMU hose reels, and high quality food-grade flexible hoses, are designed for both low and high pressure operations.  The range includes manual rewind reels, automatic rewind reels and large capacity hose reels. Hose needs to be ordered separately as the size of hose effects how much can be fitted to a reel.